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Recently, I was listening to a motivational speaker who portrayed life’s journey as a conveyor belt. Everyone is on it. However, the actions we make in our daily lives dictate our destination. There are bound to be days where we get lost in it all (work, family commitments, financial issues, etc). However, the thing about a bad day or week or month is that it has to end. Every morning is another opportunity to pick yourself up again.

Take note of positive changes to yourself or others daily. No matter how small it is. It could be new found knowledge gained or a kind gesture that you gave to someone. Or maybe you finally decided to spend your nights taking walks instead of watching the television. You did something which added value to yourself. With consistency, this would snowball into huge positive changes to yourself.

With this positive attitude and mentality towards life, I am looking forward for the future. Monday mornings at work are no longer as dreadful as what most others claim.

Every day, I am a step closer to the man I want to be.