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The first step to making significant changes in your life is to recognize and accept your current state. Most people are afraid to accept what they are (lazy, obese, unhealthy, anger issues), and go on leading their lives in ignorance of who they really are.  Here are some tips to help with the self-assessment.

1) Analyse yourself.

Your strength and weaknesses. Your strong points and your faults. There are qualities about yourself to be proud of. At the same time, there is always something to improve. Write them down. Writing helps validate and strengthen the awareness.

2) Be honest and truthful with the self-criticisms.

See yourself objectively. It is easier to find faults in others than yourself. If you’re able to detach yourself(view yourself as a 3rd party), you’d have a more acceptable and sincere analysis.

3) Be aware of opinions of others

Listen.  Seek advice from trustworthy individuals(family, close relatives, friends) regarding that personal trait/current state that you intend to fix. They are your mirrors. They see aspects of yourself that you might not notice. Their words might hurt. However, use their words constructively in defining the issue you would like to fix. Keep your ego in check.

You only would know the best step to take next, if you know where you truly are.