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“You need to speak slowly”, said my dad to me recently. We were having a random family conversation at home.

Initially, I didn’t take that criticism too well. I thought the issue came from him not able to hear well (he is in his 60s) instead of my “unclear and rushed” speech.

However, his mild criticism towards my speech grew on me throughout the day. I began to realise there could be some truth to what he said. No harm listening and use it to improve myself.

My thoughts are clearer when I’m speaking slowly. When I first attempted it, I felt that I sound retarded (J), given how much time it took for my thoughts to process the proper words. However, it got better as I practiced. I felt “in control” of my own words. I felt more sincere in my speech. I felt more confident.

It takes a while to get used to. Especially if we were used to speaking fast. However, if you are more conscious of it, it would go a long way of improving your speech. It is always interesting to start a new routine(speaking slowly in this case) and find out what you are capable of.