Embarking on a new journey of rediscovering myself. Too often that we humans are overdependent on such social networks as a means of entertainment, or just to pass the time.

Set myself a goal of not to login to the above social network sites for a month. Hoping to share my reflections on some days and on the last day of the targeted month.

Today was the first day of the journey. I realised some habits that I had to remind myself to control.

1) My fingers just auto typed “www.facebook.com” upon launching a browser.

2) I browsed to the social apps page in my phone once I found some free time for myself (good thing I logged out of all them beforehand)

I did feel a bit restless, but I manage to channel that energy by finishing a book on my Kindle. However, I did find myself browsing Reddit often still.

It is only the first day. Whether the discipline or mood remains in the coming days….well lets find out.