We might have planned everything for an exam, a job, an interview. We ensured that every single detail prior to the execution of the plan is accounted for. However, there would still be this lingering feeling that something isn’t right. The unknown outcome could drive us crazy even though we have prepared ourselves thoroughly for it.

It is this very act of worrying that hinders us from being successful. Unnecessary worrying could affect our hard work in preparations.

Here are some advice to combat this negative thought.

1) Focus on what you know

Taking an exam as an example, imagine the we have already studied the topics in its entirety. Keep focusing on what we know. This reinforces our understanding of the topics. Furthermore, it does not let our mind wander. This could be applied to presentations, event preparations and others too. Reinforce on what we have done.

2) Visualize the success

This helps in gaining confidence of our own performance. Being confident psyches ourselves up for any challenges that we might face. We acknowledge that there would not be an easy ride, but we are going to be successful in the end.

3) Learn from the experience

Take the event as a potential learning experience. As they say, focus on the process rather than the outcome. The outcome is beyond our control, but we can reflect upon our efforts during and after the outcome. Emphasize our strengths, and work on our weakness.