learn to be a master, not a slave of technology

Technology today can either work for us or against us. Information regarding the “world” is within our grasp. You notice it on the train rides to and back from work/school.

Almost everyone is in the world of their own glued to their latest gadgets, be it a smart phone or an iPad. Checking Facebook or other social medias, or playing games on their gadgets are common ways of how people spend most of the time.

In our “culture of distraction,” many of us live and work with divided attention and depleted energy resources, largely thanks to the unrelenting siren song of technology and social media. Here are some sobering statistics: Two-thirds of mobile users check their phone for messages, alerts and calls even when it’s not ringing or vibrating, according to Pew research, and the average smartphone user checks their phone every six and a half minutes (that’s up to 150 times a day). A 2010 AOL survey even found that 59 percent of mobile users check their email from the bathroom.

It drains your brain by using it on mindless activities. Here are some good habits that you could pick up.

1) Learn something new

Use your gadget to learn a new skill. There are many apps out there that are interactive and free. Learning a new language is an interesting skill to acquire.


2) Download interesting Podcasts

It can be motivational and educational. There are many free podcasts online as well. It keeps your brain active.


3) Give yourself scheduled “technology breaks”

Try spending a day without being dependent on the gadgets. No smartphone(except to call if you have to), computers or TV. What would you do? Go for a walk. Head to the library. Have a conversation with a new friend on the train. Being away from these gadgets every now and then helps to clear your mind. You’d be amazed at how peaceful it is to be away from “fast-paced connected world”.\

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