Key to happiness

There are many proposed ways to be happy.

Exercise, being around people you love, meditation, to name a few.

However, if we could narrow the essence of happiness, it would be gratitude. It means being constantly aware of the gifts and the opportunities that has been presented to us. To remind ourselves of how fortunate we are, even during times when the future looks bleak.

This is not easy as it sounds. Being happy takes effort. Happiness does not kick in immediately as soon as you choose to feel grateful. It requires practice and persistence.

some practical advice to live gratefully

STOP: “We rush through life; we don’t stop, and we miss opportunities because we don’t stop,” he says. He tells us the story of returning home after spending time in a remote part of Africa, where there was no electricity, no water. At home, he was overwhelmed with gratitude every time he turned on a faucet or clicked on a light. Even after he re-assimilated into home life, he left stickers on the tap and switch to remind himself to be grateful for the resources.

LOOK: We must use all our senses to soak in the wonderful richness that life has given to us. “That is what life is about, to enjoy what is given to us,” he says. “When we open our hearts to opportunities, opportunities invite us to do something.”

GO: We should do whatever life offers to us in that present moment. Sometimes that might be difficult, but we should go with it and do our best to enjoy every moment.