Delayed Gratification

In a world where most of our desires are met within a few clicks(the internet,technology), we are accustomed to believe that success could be achieved instantly. Or without much hardwork. Or there’s always a shortcut.

Training to delay gratification develops a willpower to not succumb to our impulses and desires. Putting that chocolate fudge brownie down when you’re trying to lose weight. Giving up games when exams are nearing.

Here are 5 tips that can help you train your willpower

1) Remember your goal

You need to remember your goal. We tend to look for an easy way out because we lose track of what we actually want. So you need to write it down. Daily if you need to. Write it on a post-it and paste it all around your room. See it everyday. This constant reminder would hinder you from ever losing track of your main goal.

2) Start a goals journal

Writing enables you to reflect on your feelings towards that day. If you’re feeling demotivated, you’d recognized that feeling through your written words. You’d know that you have to do something about it. It’d also helped you tracked how far you have come from.

3) Depend on trusted friends/relatives.

You can share your goal with some of your very close friends. They could help remind you of your goals everytime you feel that you’re going to lose track.

4) 5 seconds rule

Train yourself to count to 5 every time you feel an impulse for instant gratification. It works in a meditative way, clearing your mind before acting.

5) Recognize the shortcuts and remove them

Analyse the actions or behaviors that could hinder you from your goals. You’d have to get them out of your system. If it is something physical, remove it. You won’t have to be tempted by it any longer.

Willpower is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Time to get strong!