We occasionally compare the success of others with our own. Sometimes questioning how “fortunate” they are for their accomplishments, while lamenting our inabilities to achieve such great heights.

However, there are a few things missing from this picture that gives us the misconception that we are inept to be successful.

1) We do not notice their struggles

Whatever they went through is not known to us. Their pain and sacrifice to achieve that particular success were not seen.

2) We do not notice our own success.

We let the success of others overshadow our own accomplishments. We want what they have, instead of being grateful for what we have done.

3) We seek to gain the fame of success instead of learning from the successful

Sure, one who is successful might get recognition and popularity. Some might desire to be known just for that success. To be praised and envied by others. However, such negative egoistically feeling is detrimental to drive us to reach our own true goals.

We have to train our heart, mind and soul to be genuinely happy for our friends and relatives who have succeeded in one way of another. Learn from them. Apply what they have done to our own goals. Compare yourself against others such that it’d help motivate you towards your goal, instead being jealous at them and disappointed at our own progress.

Create your own highlight reel. This is your own movie.