Let us be honest. Learning something new can be hard. Coding, cooking, stitching, Web development, French, Presentation skills. Whether it is a new language, a new skill or any other related knowledge-intensive subjects, you’re going to step on unfamiliar grounds and it is going to get uncomfortable.

1) Accept that this is going to be hard. However, tell yourself it is possible to learn this. Believe.

2) Develop a schedule. How long in day have you dedicated your time into learning this.

3) Focus on what you know. After going through the material multiple times, establish a framework of what you know. This builds confidence.

4) Question the unknown. Write down the information that you are unfamiliar with. This helps with recognizing what needs to be worked on later.

5) Seek help from the experienced. Be it a lecturer (if it is school related), or an expert. People are more willing to help others than we realise.

6) Persevere. Easier said than done. Keep at it. Going somewhere is better than stopping.

So what are you going to learn today?