Keeping promises is an attribute that is highly look upon by others. The act portrays yourself as trustworthy and reliable person. Your friends, family and superiors know that they can depend on you. That makes you highly valuable.

However, keeping promises that you made to yourself would develop your character even further. When you do what you say, you are being more sincere to yourself. You owe it to yourself to ensure that you do what you had told yourself to do. Procrastination is an negative attribute which eats you up inside, slowly without you realising.

Here are some ways to keep committed to your goals or tasks

1) Write it down and placed it somewhere noticeable

Write it down in your notebook, a piece of paper, or Stickynotes(if you’re using Windows). Those tasks would keep staring at you until you get it done.

2) Count to 5

Sometimes, over-thinking how troublesome the task is going to be hinders us from moving forward. A method to do this is to tell yourself, after “counting to 5” i’m going to get moving. This takes the focus away from the negative thoughts of the task, and lets your body mechanically proceed to do the work.

3) Keep your goals to yourself.

In a recent TEDtalk, by Derek Silver a study found that when you tend people your goal, your mind subconsciously tricks you into feeling that it is already done. You feel that satisfaction, and end up not doing it. Remember that you’re doing this for your own well-being, not for the pleasure of others.

4) Plan a reward system

Tell yourself that you’re going to give yourself a treat upon completing that goal. A movie, a night out with friends, a good meal. You’d look forward to that reward.

5) Remember you’re doing this all for you

It feels better to know that you’re keeping your promise or commitment for your own well-being, rather than thinking you owe it to someone. It would help evolve you into being a sincere and truthful person. And most importantly, you would know you have those attribute.