Negative feelings like anger,sadness or frustrations have the tendency of crippling our mind from moving forward. We keep on asking “why?”, and reflect on our mistakes which lead to that particular unfortunate circumstance.

While it is a good trait to see where you went wrong, so as to not repeat it, you have to move forward eventually. Here are some steps which can help.

Step 1: Give yourself a specific time.

Tell yourself that you are going to allow yourself just 1 hr, a day, a week to think through what has happened. Once the time limit is up, you have to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Accept how you feel

You can’t run away from your feelings. If you’re upset, you’re upset. Recognize it. With this acceptance, you can slowly rebuild yourself.

Step 3: Do something.

Exercise? Write a journal? Gardening? Read a book. Set yourself personal goals. And keep to it slowly yet consistently. Use whatever you’re feeling as a drive to attain that goal. It’s best to find yourself in a meditative zen state of mind, just focusing on the next step.

Once you’ve got the momentum going, you’d find yourself much at a much better position than you were before.

Here’s to your own happiness and success.